What is it Like to Live in Broomfield? All You Need to Know

Broomfield, Colorado is ranked 18th in Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live 2020. This prosperous 33.5 square mile suburb city is only less than 20 miles from Denver and Boulder. Known for its vast, open spaces, trail systems, breathtaking mountain views, great outdoors, and homey vibes, more and more families and young professionals choose to move to Broomfield. There are various good reasons to want to live in Broomfield; read on to find out what it’s like to live there!

Is Broomfield, CO a Good Place to Live?

Conveniently located between the two populous cities of Boulder and Denver, Broomfield is only 15 minutes away from Boulder, and 20 minutes away from Denver. Broomfield is considered a suburb of both cities, yet homes are readily available and relatively affordable. This is what primarily makes Broomfield an attractive place to start owning a home and stop renting.

Being a central location brings a lot of opportunity to the residents of Broomfield. A short commute to nearby cities allows plenty of options for jobs, schools, businesses, and even outdoor recreation. Consequently, this strengthens the community’s economic performance and quality of life. In the 2020 U.S. News and World Report, Broomfield was recognized as one of the healthiest communities in the United States.

What is Life Like in Broomfield CO?

Here is an overview of all you need to know about living in Broomfield.

Cost of Living

According to Payscale, the cost of living in Broomfield is 20% higher than the national average. Essentially an affluent community with an average household income of $85,000 per year, prices in Broomfield are in the higher bracket, but surprisingly, the average cost of grocery and utility bills is lower than in the rest of the United States. Renting a place to live is also cheaper compared with Denver or Boulder. The most expensive thing about Broomfield is buying a house, but it is still comparably affordable to other affluent communities in the U.S., making it a buyer’s market.

Job Market

One of the best things about Broomfield is that there are a lot of opportunities for skilled workers. With a 35% increase in employment between 2010 and 2019, the job market is going strong as it is projected to go higher by another 7% in 2025 while the rate of unemployment just stays under 6%. These numbers are more optimistic than the national average in the U.S.

If you are wondering why several companies are enticed to bring their business to Broomfield, the answer still lies in its strategic location. Coupled with its beautiful scenery and suburban feel, employers are quick to open offices and stores around town.

Broomfield City’s large employers belong in the software, computer/information technology, and telecommunications industry. To name a few are CenturyLink, which has close to 2,500 employees, Oracle with 2,000 employees, Broadcom, Ball Aerospace, and DataVail.

Nevertheless, Broomfield’s top employer belongs to the food and restaurant industry, Noodles & Company. This restaurant chain headquartered in the city accounts for almost 31% of the city’s workforce. Mrs. Fields, a popular retailer of baked goods, and SousVide Supreme, a manufacturer of home sous-vide cooking equipment are also headquartered in Broomfield.

Other growing industries in Broomfield are professional and technical services (including lawyers, accountants, auditors, etc.), healthcare, and retail trade. Two of the major healthcare employers in the city, Medaware Systems, and Children’s Hospital Broomfield, employ a portion of the 5,000 residents that belong in the healthcare industry. The National Entertainment Network, a company that designs and manufactures amusement vending machines like claw machines or gumball machines, leads the retail trade sector. Another thriving company in retail is Crocs, which just opened its new, massive global headquarters in Broomfield.


The fundamental thing to know about Broomfield County public schools is that their average ranking is in the top 5% of Colorado public schools.

For the academic year 2022, Broomfield County has a total of 13 public schools serving over 11,600 students, and 17 private schools serving a little more than 2,500 students. Their average reading and math proficiency scores are at least 15% higher than the statewide public school average. The public high school graduation rate in Broomfield soars at 92%, while the average rate in Colorado is only 81%. Moreover, there are 5 nearby cities only 5 miles from Broomfield with a total of 19 high schools.

The Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology is the only college within Broomfield City. However, Broomfield’s central location provides access to 36 colleges and universities within 50 miles. The closest one is DeVry University Colorado in Westminster which is only 3.3 miles away. Driving to the top-rated university in the area, the University of Denver in Denver, is less than 30 minutes, while the largest college, the University of Colorado Boulder is only 15 minutes away.

Things to Do

They say that you can not run out of things to do in Broomfield. The vast 8,000 acres of preserved and maintained land and trails are more than enough to fill your time with nature hikes, picnics, and adventure (such as enjoying the mountain views from a hot air balloon). The city is filled with restaurants, bars, live events, and festivals that entertain a bustling crowd. There are also shopping centers, parks, outdoor art exhibits, and fishing decks – whatever you need, Broomfield got it covered.

Parks and Recreation

Broomfield is dedicated to opening opportunities to protect the natural resources and wildlife, and preserve natural spaces within the city. There are 316 miles of trails, bike lanes, and multifunctional paths, as well as 8400 acres of open spaces for stargazing, golf courses for tee time, parks and recreation.

Broomfield serves hundreds of acres of parks and 45 playgrounds for playing, walking, and riding. The Broomfield Community Park is one of the residents’ favorite parks as it can accommodate any activity – from playgrounds, batting cages, and a lighted sports field to an indoor pool. Within this park is the Broomfield Community Center with basketball courts and both a 6-lane warm pool and a 9-lane cold pool to compete in. The center provides various fitness programs, like weight training, a silver sneakers program, and many more.

The Paul Derda Rec Center is a community favorite as it offers many sports activities and fitness classes. It has an indoor playground, an indoor track, a gymnastics center, a kid-friendly pool and lazy river, and a child sitting facility.

A Broomfield summer tradition, the Bay Aquatic Park has a newly remodeled tot pool and not one but two body slides! There is an interactive water play facility that the kids will love, and a wide picnic area.

If you are more into brain activities, Broomfield also has the Themescape Escape Rooms with different rooms and challenging puzzles to put your mind to the test.


The Broomfield Library and Auditorium has free services for students of all ages. From a Children’s Library, and a Teen Zone, to an extensive collection of books and digital resources for everyone. The Broomfield Auditorium is within the library where concerts, dances, plays, and other artistic performances and events are enjoyed by the community.

Places to Eat

  • Broomfield has a diverse selection of restaurants, eateries, pubs, cafes, and breweries. Here are some of the popular places to eat in the city:
  • Hickory & Ash – located in the Arista community, this trendy restaurant has a bright and spacious dining room. They offer seasonal dishes and serve brunch on weekends.
  • The Burns Pub & Restaurant – attached to the luxurious Hilltop Inn, The Burns is considered the best replica of a British pub with superb menus and drinks.
  • Great Scotts Eatery – locals adore this 50’s style diner for its delicious American and Mexican dishes.
  • 4 Noses Brewing Company – located in downtown Broomfield is this unique, dog-friendly brewery. They offer a delicious array of craft beers with unique flavors and exotic ingredients. They pride themselves as the only beer-makers in the city.


There are plenty of gatherings and events that involve the community, like Broomfield Days. This community festival presents a community parade and entertainment while gathering local vendors. Broomfield Days is regularly held on the third Saturday of September to welcome fall with carnival rides and delectable food. To get to know the Broomfield community, newcomers are urged to join this festival to witness the city’s culture, including the great DockDogs competition.

At the end of the day, Broomfield’s evolving bars and nightclubs keep the entertainment industry alive and at par with nearby cities.
Night Owl Lounge – this karaoke bar with a pool table, a jukebox, cheap beer, and upbeat staff is popular with the nocturnal crowd.
Babes Nightclub – this nightclub is a hotspot for people who enjoy karaoke, dancing, and live bands.

Climate and Weather

The coldest months in Broomfield are December and January, with an average temperature of below 20 degrees. The city gets a substantial snowfall – more than the national average, and perfect for skiing. This is balanced by delightful temperatures of 70 to 85 degrees from May to September, hovering at 90 degrees in July. On the other hand, Broomfield’s annual rainfall is less than the rest of the country at roughly 16 inches. You can say that the city has a moderately pleasant climate all year round.

Is it Worth Moving into Broomfield, CO?

Moving to a new city is not an easy decision to make, and writing simple pros and cons list will help.


The city of Broomfield, Colorado is charming and welcoming. Being a central location between Denver and Boulder, the city offers many job opportunities, above-average salaries, a safe community, a booming retail industry, wonderful amenities, and most of all surrounded by gorgeous scenery and natural attractions.


Winter can get really cold and housing costs are expensive.
To overcome the dilemma of whether to move to Broomfield, get in touch with local real estate agents who can help you find out more about it.

Summing It Up

Overall, Broomfield is the perfect place to raise families. The economy creates more job opportunities, the schools are prestigious and the residents have a strong sense of community. It is indeed an ideal place to live.

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