Too late to sell your home?

What I believe we are starting to see are the signs of a more balanced market, which was long overdue.  However, this also means increased competition so if you are trying to decide whether to sell your home you need to have very realistic expectations as it will likely take longer to get your home sold, and having it ready to sell and priced correctly with the advice of a professional like me will be very critical for your success.  For example, the recent listing I had in Westminster had lackluster showing activity out of the shoot in this slowing market, but we still got over asking price within a couple of weeks with a cash buyer simply due to my sellers listening to me and making the proper improvements to the property to make it move-in ready and show well.  They also listened to me when it came time to discuss proper pricing of the property, as that will be very important as we move into this shifting marketplace to getting your home sold if you decide to go that route.

On the flip side, I just closed on a home yesterday for my buyers where we were able to get the property $20k under the current asking price in the $400k and lower price point.  While it was a nice property, it was poorly marketed and not presented in a manner that most buyers would pull the trigger on and as a result sat on the market for longer than it should have.  I believe in this situation it was a case of a lazy realtor who probably did his sellers some injustice, but it worked out well for us!

All good things to consider when looking at hiring a real estate professional, so hopefully I’ve made the case of why you might want to consider using me for any future real estate transactions.  There are good agents out there, but doing your homework ahead of time will go a long ways in helping you hire the right person.  Don’t let some of the bad agent’s out there ruin your conception of that is like to work with a good professional like myself, as I believe I can help and I’m very reasonable when it comes to costs as I like to make it a win/win for all parties involved.

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