Selling a Home in 2020

Concerned with selling a home in 2020?  Selling a home moving forward will present new challenges in the face of the current pandemic.  One potential result with COVID-19 will likely be a reduction in the amount of people we have going through our homes.  The good news is we are now in the digital age and I have a full arsenal to assist you as we move forward in 2020.  This will not only accommodate the environment we are in, but will also go a long way in helping you sell your home now and in the future.

Selling a Home in 2020

Open Houses

What about open houses?  Traditionally used as a strategy in helping to market your home, they may not be as valuable as many would lead you to believe.  Typically you’ll have more nosey neighbors and uninterested people than actual prospective buyers.  Don’t get me wrong, I have had success in getting listings sold through open houses.  As a result, it allowed me to be there and answer questions about the home that might have not otherwise happened with a showing agent who knows nothing about the property.  However, as things change this might need to be re-examined as a good viable strategy for selling your home.


You might be asking yourself, “Wouldn’t fewer showings be a bad thing?”.  NOT if we take advantage of great marketing and utilize the advanced technology now available.  This allows potential buyers to virtually “walk through” your home from the convenience of  their laptop or smart phone device.  A realtor with a strong online presence coupled with digital marketing skills will be the key moving forward.  I provided some links below for you to examine further.

Strong Online Presence – Digital Marketing

They say 92% of all home searches are initiated online and good digital marketing is very critical to that.  In most cases today, buyers initiate looking for a home  online.  With that said, it will be very critical you align yourself with a Realtor who understand this.  The good news if I have a complete set of tools to help you navigate this as we move forward.  Consider using Fuller Home Options and mark Fuller as a resource to use!

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