Pricing Your Home in the Current Market

As I commented on in a couple areas during the market update, having your home ready to sell and having realistic expectations are so very critical as the market has begun to shift some.  Case in point…my two latest listings have either sold for at or above our original listing price to where the replacement properties purchased for these sellers were bought at $25k below original asking price on one property and $60k below original asking price on the other.  Both properties had been sitting on the market for some time and likely put the sellers in a tough predicament, simply because they were priced too high to begin with.  I know there have been times I have lost a listing to another agent simply because they come in and over promise on price to simply win the listing only to have the property end up selling for what I originally suggested while sitting on the market much longer than the sellers would have liked adding stress to an already stressful endeavor.

Having your home updated and move-in ready will deliver you top dollar for your area.  Not everyone can have their home updated the way they might prefer, but as long as you can make adjustments for this in price you’ll likely be fine.  However, trying to compare a home that you want to sell that needs work vs. one that has been nicely updated and move in ready is not an apples to apples comparison when trying to decide what to sell your home for.  As always, please reach out to me if you should have any questions or if you are thinking about selling your home as I can give you a very honest assessment.  This will go a long ways in helping to ensure as smooth of a transaction as possible.

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