How to Get FSBO Listings in Colorado

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listings are a great way to increase prospects for real estate agents. With a target market, it becomes easier to find new leads that suit your brand and strategies. If you target FSBOs, keep in mind that this type of clientele can be easier to find but difficult to get. So, how do you acquire FSBO listings in Colorado?

Best Prospecting Tips for FSBOs

The most important thing for an FSBO real estate agent is to consider the needs and wants of your prospects. Understand that they want to save money and they can also sell their property without an agent. Therefore, your main challenge is to let them see the benefits and potential gains when working with an agent. After all, selling one’s house comes with a heavy cost and can really be overwhelming.

Here’s how you can get FSBO listings from your target niche:

  • Know where to find FSBO listings. Do some intensive research including both traditional and online resources. The best ways to find FSBOs in Colorado include checking classified ads, driving around town, visiting local listing websites, using social media platforms, and MLS web listings. Try searching on and sites.
  • Build your marketing package. After having a list of FSBO prospects, make a pre-listing service package you can send new leads. Some of the important items to consider in these materials include selling price estimates, home staging, marketing strategies, having a real estate agent, brokerage marketing materials, agent information, documents, and other requirements.
  • Contact the owners. Reaching out to your prospects is very important. After getting FSBO listings in your local area, make sure to contact the owners to talk about the property they are selling. Expect that the owners have been previously contacted by other agents. However, check if they accept calls through the National Do Not Call Registry to avoid problems. It’s also helpful to make a script before making phone calls with potential clients to cover everything you need to discuss.
  • Provide the advantages of working with an agent. Remember that FSBO sellers want to save money. Think of how you can show them the benefits of working with you throughout the home selling process. Find the best way to position yourself in the discussion. Walk them through the difficult tasks they need to handle if they decide to sell on their own. Demonstrate your knowledge in getting the right price, the proper way to stage their home, and a timeline to get the property sold.
  • Following up is key. After meeting with your prospect, make sure to make a follow-up. You can send them a “thank you” note, newsletters, and other marketing materials to make them take action. If they feel you’re genuine in doing business with them, they will realize the real benefits of working with a real estate agent.

In general, FSBO listings are a numbers game. You need to hustle every day to penetrate through your niche markets. These are only tips to help you get started, but being determined is still the best way to find FSBOs.


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