A better way to buy your next home

A better way to buy your next home – What if you could have an X-ray machine that would show you all the potential problems with a home before you buy? While this technology doesn’t exist – yet – a veteran home inspector suggests there is a better way to shop for your next home. He calls it focusing on the “bones” of the home versus the “bling.”

Dylan Chalk created this better way after providing more than 5,000 professional home inspections. He points out that the 100 million people a month visiting real estate websites are attracted by the bling – the shiny granite kitchen countertops, the marble floors, and those dramatic winding staircases.

He argues that home shopping today is based “on the emotion of the bling and not understanding the bones of the home.” Understanding a home fully – the good, the bad, the ugly – helps buyers put it all in perspective. With perspective, buyers won’t panic and cancel a deal over a solvable problem after receiving an inspection report.

He’s written a new book and blogs regularly (dylanchalk.com) to teach buyers how to “see” a home in a more transparent way. His posts share photos and expert insight into understanding all of a home’s systems, how the style and age of the home will impact future maintenance needs, and the danger signs of water leaks and pest infestation.

Dylan’s goal is simple: “This new way to buy your next home will make everyone smarter about how to really look at a home.”

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