3 tips for selling your home faster

3 tips for selling your home faster

The number one rule for selling a home faster is to make your first impression your best impression. Because the greatest number of buyers visit a home within the first 10 days, it’s listed as the optimal time to capture your best offer.

Knowing this, here are 3 great tips:

Price it right: Don’t make the mistake of pricing your home too high, only to have to lower the price later. In a seller’s market, a lower price attracts multiple buyers that can drive the final sales price higher. Price too high, and you’ll end up with zero offers.

Increase your curb appeal: To tap that initial first glance of love for the right buyer, focus on what you can do to make a great first impression as they drive up. A well-manicured lawn, fresh paint, a clean driveway, a debris free roof, and a new front door together can maximize your curb appeal.

Clean, clear, and de-clutter: A spotless home is hard to achieve when you’re living in it with an active family. But it also can put your place at the top of a buyer’s list. Even if you have to put things away in a storage unit, less stuff makes your place look bigger and clears out any religious or political items. Do this to help buyers envision your home as theirs.