Why work with a real estate professional when buying a home?

Buying real estate can often be some of the biggest financial transactions we will ever make in our lifetimes, so why leave this to chance without some professional representation and someone working for your benefit?  If you are buying a home, the good news is your real estate professional will likely be paid by the person selling the property anyway, so working with a professional should be a no brainer in this case!

Understand how your real estate agent is getting paid

While the seller of the property traditionally pays the buyer agent commission in a real estate transaction, make sure you understand how they are getting paid.  In this situation when you are using a broker to help you shop for a property, you will typically have an agreement that you will sign with your real estate professional outlining their relationship with you in the transaction.  However, there are some agents out there that might be a little sneaky in how they are getting paid and how long of a commitment you might have with them.  A good agent will go over this agreement with you, so you understand how they are getting paid.  Some situations might call for you (the buyer) to help the agent with some of their costs, so just make sure everything is outlined to you up front so nothing comes up at a later date that you weren’t made aware of.

Consider Working with Us!

Some careful thought was given in outlining some of these pitfalls many people fall into when working with someone, and hopefully you have got a feel for what we might be able to do for you.  If you are interested in learning more, please take an additional 5 minutes and complete the questionnaire below, and we will have someone get right back to you.  Thanks for considering Fuller Home Options!