Selling Real Estate

Doesn’t it get expensive when selling a home?

In the current environment we are all looking to save a few bucks.  Traditionally when selling your home and using a realtor, you have a commission to sell the property that gets split between a selling (representing the seller) and buyer (representing the buyer) agent.  Traditionally that total commission could be up to 6% or even higher in some cases!  If you are thinking about trying this on your own to avoid paying commissions all together,  you might want to check out our page on doing a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) as there are some areas you may not be considering.

Selling Your Home

The good news is 6% in this day and age is at the higher end of the range in our view, and getting this fee reduced is very likely depending on what you are getting for the services your agent is providing to you, which you will ultimately have to decide if you are getting the value for what you are paying.  You have our promise and dedication that we will be very competitive when it comes to these fees, and that’s WITH getting a full spectrum of services to help you in selling your home and a good realtor will help you in a number of areas. (see Our Services under About Us)

Dual Transaction – Selling Your Home and Buying Another One

In this situation, your agent should be willing to work with you in some form or another, because he or she will be making another commission when selling you another property upon the sale of your existing home.  There are lot’s of variables to consider here, but it never hurts to ask to she what your real estate professional is willing to do for you as most things are negotiable!

Been Burned in the Past working with a real estate professional?

As in any profession, there are professionals will be worth their weight in gold and will work hard for you, and some who may be less than desirable and may not live up to everything they promise you.  This profession is not different, and if you have had that bad experience working with someone less than desirable, please know that not all of us operate that way!  It’s our opinion that a professional worth working with will outline:

  • How they get paid
  • What they will do for you in helping you buy or sell a property
  • How they will market your property and what services they will bring to the table
  • Review all of your pros and cons in a sales contract
  • Provide you with full disclosure
  • Outline to you what you are getting involved with in a legally binding contract that could have serious consequences if not followed properly followed
  • And there are just a few of them! 

Ultimately the decision will have to be up to you and who you work with, but if you don’t feel like things are being outlined to you and you are working with someone wanting to get you to sign paperwork without understanding what you are getting involved in, then listening to your instincts might be in order.  Another thing to ALWAYS remember is if it sounds too good to be true, it just might be.  Having a strong trust relationship when working with a real professional is absolutely key, especially in this day and age!

Consider Working with Us!

Some careful thought was given in outlining some of these pitfalls many people fall into when working with someone, and hopefully you have got a feel for what we might be able to do for you.  If you are interested in learning more, please take an additional 5 minutes and complete the questionnaire below, and we will have someone get right back to you.  Thanks for considering Fuller Home Options!